It is amazing how many guides for living
    come to the sensitive person who has
    ears to hear what their body is saying
    (Rollo May)

Facilitating spaces where the collective presence can empower
individual authenticity and shared unfolding

My workshops of Somatic Coaching address the embodiment of collective norms that have become our limiting patterns and utilize the support of transforming them together and installing new empowering practices.

Using the power of the group, every offering aims to facilitate body-attention, to enforce the unique gifts of each individual, to foster autonomy, empathy and supportive relating while encouraging diversity.

In the following sections, you can see a few examples of workshops I have developed. Happy to share more of my formats upon request.

Interested to explore or propose a workshop?

Embodied Stress Management

We all are challenged by stress at times. Particularly since the crisis of COVID-19 and its heightened intensity of change we need to learn how to manage stress better to not exhaust ourselves and burn out but create the social impact and live the transformation we wish to bring into the world. Let’s face it when we are under stress – we are not the most kind or smart version of ourselves. Especially as leaders, of our teams, project, or families – we need to start with self-leadership first.

Stress management is state management, which we mostly do unconsciously. In order to improve our ability to navigate challenging situations and stress, we need to grow in our awareness and capacity for shifting our embodied stress response.

In this workshop, you will get a deep dive experiential understanding of

  • What is Embodiment and why it matters, particularly for navigating stress?
  • What is YOUR personal stress response and how is it affecting your ability to connect to others, think clearly and creatively, your ability to take action, and to rest, as well as physical symptoms you may have.
  • Simple and powerful Embodiment practices to shift out of stress and better manage your state, especially in challenging circumstances.

Harvest yourself – and blossom

A seasonal celebration to empower yourself and other uniquely fabulous humans. 4-5h innovative mix of workshop, ritual and festive gathering to celebrate, dissect and digest your personal achievements individually in a supportive collective.

By using different formats of reflection and embodiment, we harness the deep value of your achieved goals, all learnings, interactions and who you have become on this unique journey.

Challenging the habit of understatement and the over fixation on the problem, you learn to generate strength and self-appreciation to energize and empower all upcoming goals and adventures in your work and private life.

This format is offered by me and selected Somatic Facilitators currently in Berlin, Vienna and Hamburg.

The science of safety and the gift of fear:
how to manage change as a source for individual and organizational empowerment

A 2-day workshop for courageous team leaders and executives, managing cultural change processes or new projects in their organization, (e.g. business model transformation or a product innovation initiatives) and wanting to more effectively understand and master the challenges of fear and safety in their teams.

This program is intensive and cutting edge, combining scientific research, hands-on exercises, somatic practices, and deep reflection.

You will develop practical skills to overcome limiting individual and organizational mindsets and practices related to fear, like avoidance and excessive control, as well as learn how to use fear as a positive force for supporting confidence, agility, and collaboration.

Concept and facilitation in collaboration with Alissia Quaintance and Dr. Kimo Quaintance, IQGemini

Move your ass and your mind will follow

An energizing 1,5h introduction and practical exploration of the powerful collaboration between your body and mind.

We will sensitize our perception, explore our thoughts as a physical experience and address the body as an essential place of change, learning, creativity, intelligence and wisdom.

This workshop introduces simple physical exercises that have a great benefit for your thinking and can be easily integrated into your everyday work life to support your productivity and wellbeing.

What my clients say

The best learning environment is one where I meet intense and deeply serious stuff – and then crack up about it the next minute. Eva creates the space for that to happen, effortlessly.

‘Harvest Yourself’ was a special moment. It supported me to take a break and connect to myself in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I have felt the need and the joy of inventing our own, coherent and collective rituals. Thank you!

Eva is really passionate about what she does and shows up with this fresh, light and strong energy that uplifts you immediately! Working with her I released a lot of shame, fear and guilt from stepping into my power and this allowed me take the next step and officially start my own business.

Creating so much intensity and intimacy in such a short time is remarkable. I realized it is so important to honor myself for what I’ve done instead of comparing and making myself small. To celebrate this together had a great effect.