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    “To connect with our bodies
    is to learn to trust ourselves,
    and from that comes power”
    Mirka Knaster

Hi fabulous creature,
great to see you here!

Are you ignited to live your purpose and to enjoy your impact in the world? Amazing, that is what I want, too.

I am here to support one of a kind, big-hearted, ambitious individuals like you, to connect deeper to yourself, change limiting conditioning, unfold your authentic strength, and enhance the impact you can make as well as your well-being in doing so.

Because let’s face it, most of us were not taught to be powerfully ourselves. We embodied the conditioning of our family and the larger matrix of society. We learned what and how we should and should not be, dream, think, do, say, and to put a lid on our unique expression.

The great news is you have one of the most profound tools already by your side. It is wild, it is wise – it is your body. And I will teach you in a 1:1 PROCESS OF SOMATIC COACHING how to reconnect to this incredible resource to support your transformation and unfolding.

In every session, you learn through a mix of physical exercises, movement, different forms of touch, breath, verbal description, discussion, and training assignments. The shift happens as much in the sessions, as in its integration into your life.

You will be supported to establish a new practice and fundamentally a new state of being. Depending on you and your goal, the processes usually ranges between 1 to 6 months, with mostly weekly sessions. I work in person in Berlin as well as online.

Are you ready to unfold yourself?

Somatic Coaching is for you, if

this is just to keep one line of space

  • you are eager to change re-occurring physical conditions, chronic pain, repetitive moods, insecurities or concrete situations in your life that feel stuck
  • you are done looking for excuses on the outside, ready to invest in yourself, and find the source of transformation, trust and confidence within you
  • you want to shift limiting beliefs, release old fears, integrate difficult past experiences, and transform outdated routine behaviors into agile empowering practices
  • you want to get shamelessly turned on by unfolding yourself, and bring the unique gift that you are into powerful action

Reconnecting to your body-intelligence will guide the way of transformation and empower you

  • to understand your physical symptoms as signals and learn how to translate their message into healthier behaviors
  • to navigate your own and other’s fear, anger and other feelings, to take decisions and actions with ease, heart and a clear mind (emotional competence)
  • to establish an embodied sense of confidence, allowing you to perceive and express your desires, needs and boundaries more clearly and be empathetic and autonomous in relationships
  • to deepen mindfulness and to activate your physical energy and aliveness to support your dreams and visions
  • to balance the relationship of action and rest, differentiate hyperactivity and inspired action and reconnect to the deep strength of passivity to enhance your efficiency


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