Who will you be & what will the world around you be like, when you can let yourself fully thrive?

The Spiral is a powerful, structured process of emotional deconditioning.

In 10 sessions, you will transform your deep blocks into the fuel for your impact and well-being.


The first session is dedicated to creating clarity what you wish to achieve and why. This will become your northern star for all the cleared emotions of the following sessions, give you further motivation, depth and purpose on your journey as well as defined experiential results.


Starting at the base. By clearing your relationship to shame, guilt, dogma you will restore your access to a natural and greater sense of SELF-WORTH. This will also allow  you to be more connected to your body and simply on earth.


Level 2 releases your conditioning around the emotions fear, sadness and paralyzed will. This will open your ability to be present with emotions and to connect to your sensuality, aliveness and CREATIVITY.


By resetting your relationship to pride, anger and desire this level will increase your sense of SELF-CONFIDENCE. It will become more easy to step out of power games, know what you want, go after it as well as set and hold your boundaries.


Adressing and releasing your conditioning around reason, acceptance and love in this level means tending to the wounds of the heart. This will  support your capacity for real openness, (self-)compassion and LOVE.


Level 5 is dedicated to reset your relation to anxiety, self-confidence and low self-esteem and thus to upgrade your authentic and unapologetic EXPRESSION to say freely whatever and however you wish to the world.


Aiming to open your VISION, in this level you will be clearing your conditioning of truth, trust and  receptivity and enhance your ability to see and hold the greater picture.


Level 7 is the final level of the Spiral expanding your connection to the greater whole. By clearing your conditioning around peace, joy, enlightenment, and purpose you will gain more access to your spiritual connectedness – however you name that and increase the clarity of your PURPOSE.


This session is dedicated to support the integration of the process and your transformation to land further in your physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual body in connection to what life shows you and your initial goal and northern star.


Lastly you will be looping back and refining your initial process goal.  Connecting all the previous Levels of the Spiral to what you wish to achieve, to be, to do and have you will gain further depth around your next big step and clear any remaining blocks to create it powerfully in your life.

The Spiral

was developed by Dane Tomas and combines the the maps of Kinesiology, TCM meridians, Chakra system and Spiral Dynamics.

As we grow up, our earliest experiences become the code of our unconscious program. Aka our conditioning, which determines what is possible for us – to be, to do and to have.

You may have a goal and wonder why you fail to achieve it? Your conscious mind may say let’s go: to an appreciative relationship or successful project, etc. but your subconscious has a very different message and instead of your “dream island” keeps directing you towards the “iceberg” or  looping you araound and almost to your goal, but never quiet.

The Spiral, fine tunes with you like a boat sonar and identifies the earliest blockages in relation to the 22 core emotions of our life described in the individual levels above and resets them. By developing neutrality to these emotions, that is neither suppressing them, nor staying stuck or entangled in them, you create  freedom and alignment of your unconscious with our conscious desires and goals.

So that what you want to move away from or towards is no longer being contradicted or stuck in a hidden handbrake but you can do, be, have what you really want and are meant to.


10x 1:1 sessions within 3-4 month

ca. 1.5 hours each via Zoom, weekly / bi-weekly

chat support in between via Signal or Telegram

written recordings of your sessions & accompanying materials to support & deepen your process


2’500 Euro Basic Price

Payment plan available

1’000-2’400 Euro Subsidized Price //

2’600-4’000 Euro Supporter Price

In order to enable this program for people with lower incomes, former or future Spiral clients can pay a supporter fee during or after their own journey. The Subsidized Prize is made possible from this fund.


The Spiral is powerful and it will absolutely bring you closer to who you truly are. And it isn’t just magic. It depends on your commitment to face your old conditioning and that what is incompatible with your authentic self and for you to make real life changes. This may be demanding, and it will be absolutely rewarding! I am here for you and this.

What my clients say:

The energetic work has driven away the fog. Tasks that previously seemed impregnable and growingly complicated in my head and that I did not dare to tackle because of self-doubt, became tangible. Now I am in the mids of joyfully working them out and I will be prioritising the writing of my book in the upcoming year and the necessity for nurishing working conditions. I now deeply know that what I have to say is socially relevant.

I liked the fact that in supposedly banal blockages we could track down the associated feelings and the underlying issues of life. I also found it very helpful that we not only resolved the captured emotions energetically, but also looked very specifically at what that means for my everyday life and the possible next steps. And last but not least, what was extremely valuable to me was the work of intention. I was able to look behind the blockage and reconnect with my heart’s desires, which are my real motivation <3 If I were you, definitely do it! The Spiral is such a deep and intensive work that is effective and transformative in all spheres of the body. You will recognize connections between the reality of your life today and very early beliefs that you would not have dreamed of being relevant and still effective and at the same time you have the opportunity to transform them energetically. And above all, it doesn't just happen in the head, it is anchored in the whole body and close to the emotions. Go, go, go! [/av_testimonial_single] [/av_testimonials] [/av_section]