Our body is a wise and wild teacher,
    always by our side

Somatics understands us humans as an integrated whole of mind-body-spirit, embedded in social and environmental contexts

It is a holistic transformation theory and an experiential research field that encompasses a variety of body-based methods.

The self-perceptive body is central. It is a powerful, dynamic resource for transformation, health, and healing on an individual and social level.

Somatic Coaching allows us to activate within us the change that we want to create around us in the world.

Are you ready to empower yourself?

Everything we are has a physical experience

Whether we are working, pursuing a hobby, being in love, feeling stressed, excited or relaxed, engaged in a conflict, developing a vision or resting.

Our body always has a corresponding shape. It is a combination of our biological-psychological self, shaped by learned social and cultural behaviors, combined with individually specific life events and circumstances.

As an expression of our “programming”, our shape manifests physically: how tensed our muscles are, how much we breathe, how we move, if and how we feel our bodies, how much energy we have, how much space we occupy.

It involves our habits, our automatic actions and what we do not do. It is an expression of our world view, our way of thinking and how we deal with emotions.

Our programmed attitudes and actions do not always correspond to our values or allow us to create our lives according to our true wishes

Maybe we are burned out and have a gastric ulcer, while we want to improve the well-being of other people in the world. Or we are extremely successful in our job but cannot enjoy our free which we perceive as unproductive. The scenarios are varied.

The signs that we are stuck in a destructive autopilot of our habitual programming are:

  • recurrent physical complaints and pains
  • mental blocks, doubts, negative thought loops
  • stressful emotional states, lack of drive or restlessness, depressive moods, anxiety, burnout
  • repeating conflict situations, or other circumstances that are constantly unsatisfactory

What are your symptoms, and what would your life look like without the limits of your programming?

Exhale deeply! How does this insight feel in your body? If this question is confusing, don’t worry. You just made a small shift towards more embodiment.

Most of us have lost contact with our bodies and their inherent intelligence. Reconnecting to the body is a profound and practical approach to establishing new programming and solving problems. Problems that are in many cases also the result of the separation of our minds and bodies.

Somatic coaching empowers you to develop a better sense of yourself, to sustainably improve your symptoms as well as to establish new agile shapes and practices in order to create a healthy and fulfilling work and private life.