Manifestation Clearing

A deeply immersive session dedicated to create clarity and untangle your unconscious resistances on every level of your being, for you to align holistically and empower you to create more of what you truly wish to be, do and have!

When we wish to reach a goal, to manifest something (lat. “manifestare”, to reveal), we actually embark on the journey of Embodiment: The representation or expression of an idea or quality in a tangible form.

In this process many of us (me included) will encounter doubt, procrastination, and other forms of resistance, as well as sometimes dissatisfaction or sadly even burnout upon completion.

All these are indicators that our consciously set course is not in congruence with our unconscious. In more somatic terms we can ask, do we have the nervous system capacity to envision, communicate, plan, implement, feel, create and receive the results of what we are asking or aiming for? While acknowledging the systemic circumstances, are we personally aware, aligned and comfortable enough on all levels of our being?

Connect with your wish or goal, that brought you here and start to check in with yourself on the different levels as you scroll down…