• Somatic Coaching

    Catalyzing personal and collective transformation
    for a life of purpose, pleasure and possibility

As a Somatic Coach, I support your impact and wellbeing through different formats

1 : 1

Here all attention focuses on YOU. An individualized support to deeply and powerfully transform your mental, emotional or physical blocks into embodied superpowers.

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Using the power of collective presence, there are different group offerings aiming to enforce the unique gifts of each individual, to foster autonomy, empathy, and supportive interrelation.

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When we engage all of ourselves and reconnect to our body-intelligence, we broaden our understanding and the ability to bring it into powerful action. These engaging lectures aim to inspire a variety of subjects.

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What my clients say

I started to feel the connection with myself again, to what I am, what I want, how I feel. Like if an old, dusty door to a long-forgotten room opened and I gained access to my closed inner self again. Working with Eva gave me lots of confidence.

Somatic Coaching helped me realize how oblivious I had been before to what was going on in my body. Eva is very attentive and perceptive. She helped me realize how the physical psychological are connected. Highly recommended to whomever wants to improve their life and well-being.

More than a month after finishing our process am still feeling great with a pain-free neck and my new-found energy. I cannot thank you enough for all your work during the sessions.

Somatic Coaching helped me understand the connection of my personal history and specific tensions and to develop a practice how to deal with what used to challenge me in a much healthier way.

In only a few sessions of Somatic Coaching I learned to expand my breath to places I didn’t know I could reach. I learned to be aware of muscles and bones in a way that enables me now to maintain my body and mind relaxed, even in situations previously very stressful to me. What Eva does borders with magic, I highly recommend!

Working with Eva had a deep impact on my psychological, visionary and physical being. Eva’s capacity to tackle the ‘sweet spot’ in finding access to manifest your next developmental step is tremendous, highly insightful and absolutely uncompromised in a loving way.

I would recommend working with Eva to anyone who wants to face their negative ballast. She creates a safe environment one can truly show themselves as one is and a perfect combination of being serious about the issues and having fun in the process of dealing with them.

Eva is an old soul who has great wisdom and intuitive knowledge. She is fearless and strong, while she is simultaneously silly and fun to work with.

Thoroughly grounded in both methodology and intuition, Eva is reassuring and hands-on to what wants to emerge in you and what makes your life’s juices flow toward a creative fulfilled work-live.