11::11::2018 Remembering Liselotte

Yesterday marked the day of 100 years of the ending of World War I

For those conscious of esoteric matters, a powerful and auspicious day
to manifest anything related to abundance, setting the sights on concrete goals
In numerology, it is the master number 11 representing instinct, inspiration, the most connection to intuitive matters – to the subconscious, to knowledge without rationality
A gateway to enlightenment

2+0+1+8 adding up to 11
A number that has mathematical delight – multiplied by itself equals a palindrome
11 x 11= 121
111111 x 111111=12345654321

Yesterday in 1869 – ‘The Victorian Aboriginal “Protection” Act’ gave the colonial Australian government control of indigenous people’s wages, their terms of employment, where they could live and of their children, leading to the removal of Aboriginal children from their families and land – the ‘Stolen Generation’

In Australia, I learned from indigenous culture about honoring the elders
We have a hard time with that here in Germany
The Israeli friend I hung out with yesterday shared her observation that she has not experienced any other country where people speak so little of their ancestors
We have got their generation’s guilt and shame

Yesterday in 1911 my great-grandmother Lieselotte W. was born
She lived as a young child through WWI to bear her three children just before and during WWII
She raised them by herself, as her husband did not return from the ‘Fall of Berlin’
My just teenage grandfather stepped up to be the man of the house, that had not lasted the bombings either

Liselotte was a “tapfer” woman – strong and brave
She lived and worked in a big fabrics-factory of a small town in federal Brandenburg next to the polish border and cleaned other people’s houses, where she was involved in raising more than just her own children
She drove my grandmother, her daughter in law crazy, organizing her entire household meticulously to the buttons on each visit
She taught my mother how to sew, to re-do her work up to three times until it was properly neat
She ironed my diapers and lived to see the wall and GDR fall and her factory be closed down

Lieselotte died as I was just becoming a teenager at the peak of my parent’s marriage insanity
She never saw a mobile phone or used a computer
She met seven of her eleven great-grandchildren
And fell asleep gently, forever, after she had prepped everything meticulously, just as she was
A list of all accounts and contracts to close, the one music wish for her burial in her drawer

I live with the fortune of peace in Berlin, Germany, only 120km away from where Lieselotte spent most of her life
My great-grandmother lived through two World Wars and
Today I have the freedom to travel – all the way to Australia if I want to
I wonder if she ever got to share out loud what she had seen, done, felt?
I feel her pain, her numbness, her strength

Today I live in the fortune of abundant healing resources and
I became a Somatic Coach myself, to work through trauma
and support transformation through the integration of all we have been
yesterday and generations back, for our human becoming

I remember you Lieselotte – thank you for your strength
Ich erinnere dich!
and I will keep practicing the question
What it means to honor my elders