Dear beloved carer – stop the freaking stinginess of your compulsive giving

You are not doing the world a favor by forgetting yourself
You are not in good service to the people you care about, by putting their needs before yours
It is not your purpose to sacrifice yourself
It is your purpose, to live well and to give that unique gift that you are to the world
To give from an overflowing cup

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11::11::2018 Remembering Liselotte

Yesterday marked the day of 100 years of the ending of World War I

For those conscious of esoteric matters, a powerful and auspicious day
to manifest anything related to abundance, setting the sights on concrete goals
In numerology, it is the master number 11 representing instinct, inspiration, the most connection to intuitive matters – to the subconscious, to knowledge without rationality
A gateway to enlightenment

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